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Perspectives on the New Intune Console

Check out Brad Anderson's perspective on the new Intune console that is now part of the Azure admin portal. We're finally seeing the convergence of the various EMS offerings into one single glass of pane.

Also, watch Brad go over the changes and how to use them in this video from Channel 9's Endpoint Zone:

Cyber Security Attackers Toolkit – What You Need to Know

For the security-interested, a more technical look at the tools attackers use during a cyber attack and how Advanced Threat Analytics plays a role in detecting these attacks and provides a higher level of visibility into them.

Eliminating Plaintext Passwords With Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Using LDAP

Happy New Year to everyone!

To start off 2017 on an easy note, have a look at this article regarding the use of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) to identify those applications and services that may still be sending passwords in plaintext in your network environment.  This is typically the result of simple LDAP binds being used for authentication purposes, which exposes your environment to attacks focused on privilege escalation.